Story: The Woman Who Must, by Roderick Gladwish

Winter was coming to the Black Valleys, and the first snow was grey sludge beneath the mercenaries’ boots as they struggled up the mountain. With no interest in a seventeen-year-old girl too tired to keep up, they staggered past Althea using their spent matchlocks as walking sticks. She tried to catch her breath. The forests … Continue reading Story: The Woman Who Must, by Roderick Gladwish

Making Minds, by Sean Goedecke

“What still separates us from the gods,” Doctor Lohmann said, a little testily, “is processing power.” He sipped his glass of sherry, out of habit, and instantly regretted it. “Yes, yes,” replied the young software engineer, whose glass was already three-quarters empty, “that detail. But in theory we can create minds like ours, beings with … Continue reading Making Minds, by Sean Goedecke