10 Years Ago in Planet… “The Meaning of Lost Socks” by Biedermeier X. Leeuwenhoek


From the Proceedings of the 49th Convention of the American Datatician Society Meeting, Akron Hilton, Akron, Ohio. November 1994.

Excerpt from author’s remarks, Professor Bingham S. Tewksbury:

“We of the ADS are pleased to announce that the mystery of where lost socks go has been quantitatively pinpointed subsequent to a lengthy and rigorous double-blind study…. We believe that the results, shown in the accompanying [table], contain no surprises, and in fact conform quite closely to what is called ‘common sense.'”

Lost Socks: Where Do They Go?

Percentage Lost Explanation
26% Left in Washer
25% Left in Dryer
21% Dropped to/from Laundry
14% Stuck, through static, to corner of fitted sheet or article of clothing
13% One sock thrown out because other is “missing”
100% Total

Note: Margin of error plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Source: ADS *

Link to original story: http://www.planetmag.com/pm4/lostsoks.htm

About the Author: Andrew G. McCann is not missing any socks, but he does have an extra one.
(c) 1994-2004 by Andrew G. McCann andy@planetmag.com

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One Comment on “10 Years Ago in Planet… “The Meaning of Lost Socks” by Biedermeier X. Leeuwenhoek”

  1. gill m maguire Says:

    I know when your back is turned they can just get up and crawl away. I have no proof though.

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