“The Midnight Carney” by Michael Jay Katz

Lava Raft, by Romeo Esparrago
[Illustration: “Lava Raft” © 2006 by Romeo Esparrago.]

It’s two for a dollar
the Whirlie-Warp ride
just past the Fun House
through the white gate
climb the wood tower
slide into the tunnel
and disintegrate
to cosmic scintillas
a boreal glow in
Devonian skies
a sparklet of moonrise
in dinosaur eyes
a night planet’s wink
at the prayer of a Sikh
aswirl through the eons
till whipped to a peak
you’ll step out again, whole
and find it’s last week. *

About the Author: Michael Katz teaches anatomy at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
Story (c) 2006 Michael Jay Katz mjk8@case.edu

About the Artist: Romeo Esparrago lives in a Fun House of the mind.
Illustration (c) 2006 Romeo Esparrago

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