The Resurrection, by Carl Johnson

Emboddlement of Fhroom, by Romeo Esparrago
Illustration by Romeo Esparrago

What do I want
Escape from this chaotic environment
for the inherent inconvenience, the consequent struggle through which
bores and repels me.

Would that I could upload my mental profile
into some cyberspace medium,
that my biographical self, the consciousness of which,
might be recreated in the process of some future AI entity’s scrolling of past events
and resurrecting what once was, minus that which was unpleasant,
all that induces chaos having been purged.

That my electromagnetic essence, the pattern of which interacting
with a myriad of information-bearing patterns, the substance of which
relates to the bliss of experiencing an environment, so friendly and accommodating,
that in our recreational pursuits, for there be no other, we experience only pleasure,
and where the feeling of everything being just right prevails,
all that might be deemed excessive, having been cancelled out
by that which would be deemed insufficient *

About the author: Carl Johnson was previously published in Planet in 1999: Earthbound Entities.
About the artist: Romeo Esparrago exists mainly in cyberspace.

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