Story: Carbonated, by Tom Grayhorse

Copyright 2013 Romeo EsparragoVampire in the bar eating peanuts, had gone upstairs to check caskets. As the flattened chords of B-flat blues wandered through her oak pollen-filled nostrils, she awoke with lace around her body. The priest was a Martian with a love for whiskey. He took confession at the corner table. Despite vampire’s tastes in blood, he loved cobbler. All of their attentions were overcome by the beginning of the soccer championships beginning on television, Mu vs. Acapulco. Mu had the advantages, but they had been practicing on the Moon for too long. Not used to Earth gravity. She had no interest in sports, but figured that with 3 minutes and 23 seconds to change clothes, could disappear. She found a frumpy schoolteacher’s outfit and a cane, stumbled into the bar. As they watched sports, she convinced the priest she was done looking for the man who had fathered 312 children, but her hormones were still on fire. Priest called a cab for her, she bought him another quart of whiskey. Fair trade. She got out just as vampire decided to go upstairs and drool over his prize. The trip to Quito, Ecuador, took a long time, and the fee was very high. So was Quito. Priest had promised he had one seat left on the transport, and there was room at his place on Mars for her. Although the worms on that planet tasted like carbonated cardboard, she liked his religion. *

About the Author: Tom Grayhorse is a new writer experimenting with science fiction, flash and micro. He is a retired nurse and draws from an incredible amount of experience, as well as patient’s and his own fantasies.
Story copyright 2013 Tom Grayhorse

About the Artist: Romeo Esparrago is an Earth-based artist.
Illustration copyright 2013 Romeo Esparrago

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