‘The Easy River to Success’ by Mark Lord

Before dinner that Tuesday, I sat back in my leather-bound chair and indulged in a few moments of feeling quietly safisfied. Recently I had even felt the beginnings of optimism. After years of cloud and storm, the sun had broken through and I could at last bask in the success that I deserved. After all, … Continue reading ‘The Easy River to Success’ by Mark Lord

‘The Hero’s Wife’ by Michael Meyerhofer

You don’t know me, but you know my husband. Likely, you heard about him fighting Shogun’s Bane, that undead dragon with a penchant for carrying off gorgeous but rather disagreeable virgins way back during the Year of Black Snow. Or else you read that epic poem detailing my husband’s battle against the four-armed Troll King. … Continue reading ‘The Hero’s Wife’ by Michael Meyerhofer

‘The Man in the Cowboy Hat’ by Jude Coulter-Pultz

It's the same every night. The same nightmare every night for weeks. It never changes, and that makes it all the worse. In the nightmare, I'm only six years old. Even though I know I'm really sixteen, it doesn't matter. You can only run so fast when you've got the legs of a kindergartner. In … Continue reading ‘The Man in the Cowboy Hat’ by Jude Coulter-Pultz

“The Scroll of the 7 Roses” by David Kerschner

Illustration: “Dover Cat” © 2007 by Robert Sorensen It exploded off of the ceiling and went crashing down with a resounding bang that echoed around the chambers and shook the woodlands outside, jarring the blue jays from their midday rest. The tower shook in response, the earth grumbled in protest. A lithe feline made her … Continue reading “The Scroll of the 7 Roses” by David Kerschner

“Fortune Maker” by Teresa S Rich

[Illustration: “Fortune Maker” © 2006 by D'Wayne Murphy.] “Eww, there’s that creepy Johnny,” Amanda said, squishing her face up. Megan wondered why her face didn’t look that cute when she practiced that expression in the mirror. Then she was fighting to keep her balance as Amanda jerked her behind one of the striped carnival tents. … Continue reading “Fortune Maker” by Teresa S Rich