Story: Carbonated, by Tom Grayhorse

Vampire in the bar eating peanuts, had gone upstairs to check caskets. As the flattened chords of B-flat blues wandered through her oak pollen-filled nostrils, she awoke with lace around her body. The priest was a Martian with a love for whiskey. He took confession at the corner table. Despite vampire's tastes in blood, he … Continue reading Story: Carbonated, by Tom Grayhorse

Pink Goo, by Steven Lombardi

Our story begins with a series of extraordinary events. The first involved a small mouse that burrowed through an inch of steel at the base of a street lamp. After biting its way through, the mouse leapt up a series of wires and, reaching the top, rewarded itself by nibbling away on a juicy red … Continue reading Pink Goo, by Steven Lombardi

Making Minds, by Sean Goedecke

“What still separates us from the gods,” Doctor Lohmann said, a little testily, “is processing power.” He sipped his glass of sherry, out of habit, and instantly regretted it. “Yes, yes,” replied the young software engineer, whose glass was already three-quarters empty, “that detail. But in theory we can create minds like ours, beings with … Continue reading Making Minds, by Sean Goedecke