Story: ‘The Sand Girl’ by Kathryn Singer

Mike lived a simple life. When he wasn't working at the gas station down the road, he was always on the beach, not far from his seaside cottage where he lived alone. Every day he knelt down and plunged his hands deep into the sand, grasping the grains and shaping them, letting them take form … Continue reading Story: ‘The Sand Girl’ by Kathryn Singer

‘The Easy River to Success’ by Mark Lord

Before dinner that Tuesday, I sat back in my leather-bound chair and indulged in a few moments of feeling quietly safisfied. Recently I had even felt the beginnings of optimism. After years of cloud and storm, the sun had broken through and I could at last bask in the success that I deserved. After all, … Continue reading ‘The Easy River to Success’ by Mark Lord

‘The Hero’s Wife’ by Michael Meyerhofer

You don’t know me, but you know my husband. Likely, you heard about him fighting Shogun’s Bane, that undead dragon with a penchant for carrying off gorgeous but rather disagreeable virgins way back during the Year of Black Snow. Or else you read that epic poem detailing my husband’s battle against the four-armed Troll King. … Continue reading ‘The Hero’s Wife’ by Michael Meyerhofer

Book: For Fans of ‘The Twilight Zone’

Author Martin Grams, Jr. has published "The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic", an 800-pager that contains not only episode details for even the most earnest fans but also plot synopses that should be of interest to writers of SF/Fantasay/Horror. "There is plenty of material about sci-fi stories that were considered for … Continue reading Book: For Fans of ‘The Twilight Zone’